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Innovative Marketing

Downturns, stabilization, growth… each has its own set of challenges, and when it comes to marketing, you need advice from some one who knows just what to do in each and every situation. Jack Studnicky has been there, done all that before.

It began in 1975. The real estate market was experiencing lows it had not seen since the Great Depression. Owners of a major Metropolitan DC Mortgage Banking firm were partners with Chase Manhattan Trust in a building that was about to be foreclosed on. The property, 9400 Building with 211 unit condos was not alone, being one of thirty other empty or partially completed buildings on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. Sadly, out of 3000 unsold condos, only eleven sales had been made along this stretch of beach in the previous thirty months. An economic landscape not much different than today, says Studnicky.

Because of Jack´s expertise as a sales consultant, the Chase partner invited him on board. There, they would decide the fate of the 9400 Building, which could unfortunately have ended his mortgage banking friend´s business. After ninety minutes listening to many desperate scenarios, involving an auction or a bulk sale at twenty cents on the dollar, Studnicky suggested another alternative — action selling.  August was just around the corner and the “beach season” for the Washington DC / Baltimore market would be over in forty-five days. Putting his game plan into effect, all 211 sales were made in the next fifty days — a new star was rising in residential real estate — Studnicky hit one out of the park.

A couple of billion dollars worth of real estate later, Studnicky´s career is still making the game winning plays. “When the odds are against us is when I show my best,” Studnicky claims. Anybody can sell in a good market but it takes a lot more “magic” when sales are slow. Chase Manhattan Trust referred to Studnicky as Magic Jack and handed him all the deals he was willing to take on.
The story about “ACTION SELLING” MOVES OCEAN CITY CONDOS was picked up by Forbes / Fortune / The Wall Street Journal and a hundred other media giants. Studnicky became a “must have speaker” at all the national real estate / home builder conventions and a spokesperson for the NAHB, testifying on their behalf on national TV, and before the United States Congress on “housing for the elderly”.

Studnicky tried to retire in 1986, when the prime was at 18%. But just when he thought he could get out, they pulled him back in to “clean up” a few more development problems. He now works on special properties of his choosing, and it currently focusing on the gorgeous area of Punta Pacifica, Panama.

Prior to his real estate career, Studnicky spent ten years teaching sales psychology, communications and motivation. He has little interest in helping rich people find their retirement dream home on the beach. He utilizes his experience and know-how sharing his Action Selling secrets with young people who he personally hand picks to work with him.

“My greatest accomplishment and joy,” states Studnicky, “is the number of young people I have guided to become millionaires as they maneuvered their way through the waiting crowd into the real estate winners circle.”

Magic Jack continues to reach out and share his knowledge and experience with others.