The Power Reading Program: PHASE II



by Jack Studnicky

Welcome to PHASE III of my Power Reading Program!

At one time or another, You have resolved to change. You have set new goals that seem to evaporate. Most New Year Resolutions are broken by a large majority of the people who made them within the first week of January. This disappointing phenomenon could occur again, unless you take a different approach than you have in the past.

Crystalize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other peoples criticisms, carry out your plan.

- Paul J. Meyer

NOTE:The following information in Phase III is adapted from information learned in THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy

You need to identify the following:

1) What are your TOP THREE BANNER GOALS for this year?

2) What are the specific plans for your pursuit of these Banner Goals, during the next 30 days?

Those Action Steps we discussed in Phase I of our Power Reading Program can now be used to develop Banner Goals. Areas of focus where you have distinct expectations, and meet them.

We do this at three levels, by identifying the short, medium and long term range goals. Focus your Action Steps on a direct result for:

Long Range: List your Banner Goals for one year.

Medium Range: List your Banner Goals for one month.

Short Range: List your Banner Goals for one week.

The Identification of these Banner Goals are important, but it is equally important that these are developed from your Action Steps. By creating a Banner Goal related to our Action Steps we now not only affirm the steps with a definitive achievement, but we have also defined the pathway that we take to reach it. There is now a plan and a result. Action Steps we take to reach our Banner Goals.


As a student of the Power Reading Program, you have invested in your personal growth. You will capitalize on what you have learned! Maintain a positive attitude and a focused plan of Action Steps that result in achieving your Banner Goals and success will naturally follow.

You are a creature of habit. You are exactly who you are and what you are; a direct result of the habits you have acquired.

Now, let us go ahead and some additional materials to our list:

5: THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill

6: OUTWITTING THE DEVIL by Napoleon Hill



9:Designing THE BEST 10 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine.(NOTE: This material requires a $50 subscription. We highly recommend it but do not require it.)

10: CLIENTS FIRST by Joseph and Jo Ann Calloway (Copyright 2012, John Wiley and Sons: Available as a Google Ebook for $9.99)

11: FOCAL POINT by Brian Tracy

12: RAVING FANS by Ken Blanchard (Copyright 1993, Harper Collins. Print book available from Google Books, $11.95)

The trick to having more and being more is brought about by the latter: When you are BEING MORE (Taken from: Living Your Best Year Ever - By Darren Hardy) then you BECOME MORE! You are worth more in the arena of life and you will be rewarded based on the The Law Of Reciprocal Return. Your rewards are based on what you contribute rather than your needs, wants and desires. Your personal growth is relative to your individual value. You build your potential bank account with what you will receive.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

You have already been exposed to all the knowledge you will ever need to become phenomenally successful. You have been exposed, but you may not have absorbed or cultivated it in the entirety. You need to study and apply more of the principals that will assuredly bring you an infinite level of success.

Below are we have listed some more helpful tips to aid in cultivating an environment that fosters your success:

Every morning get out of bed 15 minutes earlier to organize your day and:

a) Have a nutritious breakfast, hopefully a protein shake. As you nourish your body you feed your mind by reading your:

b) Create a GRATITUDE STATEMENT, which is a list of all the things and people you are grateful for. Being grateful for what you enjoy now, opens the door for abundance to flow to you.

c) The top 5Action Steps you intend to take that day.

NOTE: You have pre-planned these activities the night before and now you are crystallizing them further into your subconscious by writing them down. It is important that you write your objectives in your spiral binder. Do not do this electronically as it will not work at all as well. The physical writing of your objectives will bring the connection to your mind that makes this work. Writing crystallizes thought and thought motivates action. It increases comprehension and retention.

if you adopt this Power Reading Program for six months, you, and your family will benefit by what you are are going to achieve for generations to come.



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