Learn Real Marketing

Anybody can sell in a good market, but what is your plan for when sales are slow? Get tips from someone who’s been through it all.

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Learn Real Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

“Effective marketing takes experience, insight and the right connections. I have worked with Brokers all over the world to create the sales velocity otherwise not possible.”

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Real Estate Marketing

Seeing the Brighter Side

“The Chinese word for crisis is opportunity, and the future for seasoned commercial brokers has never been brighter.”
Jack Studnicky

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Seeing the Brighter Side

Jack Studnicky

I have worked through every dip in the market; real estate cycle and a handful of recessions. My knowledge and experience has been earned the hard way.

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Jack Studnicky

Services About

Market Research

The key to market research is knowing the right questions, and in Jack’s experience, he is head and shoulders above the rest. He has comprehensively collected and analyzed information about consumers and competitors to ensure the effectiveness of a real estate organization’s marketing programs.

Jack Studnicky has drawn from and continues to utilize his years of experience and numerous cases to draw cohesive, tailored conclusions, envision a solution, foresee any possible future issues and research and develop a plan for success.

He wants to share his thoughts and insider’s perspective with you. Read more about Jack, and take a look at press articles that have been published about him.

Then, join his Real Estate Marketing Training Program.

The Art & Science of Jack’s Marketing

Want to learn real, effective real estate marketing?

Jack is here to show you how to properly market property. It starts with innovation.

Innovative marketing is unique in the sense that it requires a distinct and well-balanced mix of that magic, wide-eyed, new-comer’s spirit with the experience of someone who knows what works and knows how to lead.

Jack embodies that formula for success.

Read more from the Jack Studnicky Insights blog entry titled Innovative Marketing.


Financial Modeling

Is your real estate marketing currently in a blur? Fret not. Jack Studnicky’s advice can help you lead and manage your team and get the best out of your consultants.

Jack has been through the highs and lows of the ever-evolving real estate market along the East Coast. He knows exactly to effectively direct a team based on client’s individual goals, and he wants to share these trade secrets with you.

Jack is and has always been hands on. Clients have relied on his honest direction, truthful insight and his intuitive problem-solving. Now you can take his years of digging around for solutions and put it to good use.

Mr. Studnicky wants to pass on his experiences with you so that you can have a starting point, enhance your skills and grow to new heights.

Want to know how to drive the bottom line in every practical application? Learn like Jack did – by asking the right questions and heading in the right direction.

No theories. Just time-proven, effective results.

Asset Management

Jack Studnicky’s asset management and advice opens up beneficial potential investment vehicles. His knowledge and experience is not only supportive, it will lead appropriate and pertinent investment decisions.

Jack maintains vigilance and control of assets. His methods have proven to fortify and reinforce integrity within any asset.

Jack Studnicky’s Asset Management Plan

Jack has systematically optimized and managed the completion of construction, building/property maintenance and management, security and marketing and sales.

He has implemented each process as quickly and efficiently as possible. His timely fashion comes naturally, as he navigates and manages with finesse, ability and experience. Jack Studnicky has proven time and time again to have the most innovative and beneficial ideas and action.

Jack is happy to fill you in on more details about his established techniques and procedures.

Finishing Construction

Jack always preaches the importance of a finished product, and through his experience with various real estate firms and undertakings, he has made sure that the final phases of construction were completed in a visible fashion and easily recognized by the buying public.

In his years of real estate consulting and marketing, Jack has made sure to finish construction in the most time-effective manner possible. Remember, Jack Studnicky’s primary concern is the bottom line. He  has created and implemented the best solutions. He has taken control of asset management and marketing and sales.

He’s renowned for balancing a positive, palpable buzz about finalizing construction projects while remaining below radar.

Read on and learn about Jack’s solutions.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is finding out what people want, why they want it and how much they’ll spend. Marketing is reaching out and making you,  your brand, your property, your purpose and your service known. Jack has proven time and time again that he knows exactly what people want, where they are, how to pitch them, and how to make a real estate marketing strategy into reality.

Through years of learning what works and what doesn’t, Jack is a bona fide marketing expert since it is the way to make sales. He has an ideal formula for promoting a property by analyzing a clients’ needs and goals.

Sales is (pure and simple) sales! It’s the name of the game, and there is no two ways about it.

Want to know more? Take action!

Go ahead and ask Jack about his proven and successful real estate marketing and sales techniques.

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Loan Closing

Over the decades and myriad projects Jack has worked on and with, he’s come across quite a few loan closings. Where most people wince and whimper away, Jack has faced them head-on with determination.

He believes in and has successfully closed a drastic number of loans by amping up the communication, being available, reaching out and putting on the best public relations practices.

Want to know more? Just Ask Jack.


Homeowner’s Association / Condo Board

Mr. Studnicky is no stranger to boards and associations.

Jack’s experience with homeowner’s associations and condominium board goes hand in hand with his real estate marketing and sales prowess. He knows how to talk to people, how to get and keep things flowing smoothly, not unlike a well-oiled machine.

Jack is chock-full of advice on working with homeowner’s associations and condo boards. Stay tuned for more details and more of his tips and sage insight.


Showing the Way, Step by Step

Jack Studnicky provides clear, concise and effective material that covers everything from the granular details to more complex undertakings required for ideal, effective real estate marketing.

Since the mid-1970s, Jack Studnicky has structured a variety of lucrative real estate marketing projects and has taken operations out of the muck and helped them blossom. He has an in-depth understanding the advantages and resource available and can see any issues before they start. Because he has been so successful in his career as a real estate marketing specialist, Jack’s suggestions are effective and based on his experience and proven results.

He is not static in his methods; on the contrary, he is totally open to opportunity, prepares an eye-opening perspectives and really digs deep into extensive details.

Additionally, Jack has the ability to motivate a sales team into action, equip them with knowledge and goals and lead them on the right path towards REAL, measurable real estate sales success.


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